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What has shaped me as a leader

Commitment to coaching  and development.

I create supportive environments for learning and for one to be surprised by their own capabilities.

“Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much.” - Helen Keller

Direct Leader

 Cameron Barnard

Vice President

“I had the pleasure of working with Fotine in her leadership role as Global Director of Product Marketing for the BioAnalytics business at IDEXX. Fotine reported to me during this period, and I could not recommend her highly enough for an array of reasons that make her an incredible asset to any prospective employer. Words that come to mind describing Fotine - fierce, energetic, dedicated, and authentic. Fotine demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp new markets, concepts, and technology that she had not been exposed to before. She has an unparalleled focus on developing her team and excelling her understanding of the markets she serves to drive rapid growth with an innovation focus. Fotine is a consistent high performer and keeps the customer squarely at the center of everything she does. Fotine is a pleasure to work with and I consistently found her leadership style to be exceptional, disciplined and focused in an unmatched way.”


Joe Napolitano

Sr. Director, Global Regional Marketing & Customer Programs

“Fotine is an action-oriented, results driven leader who knows how to develop effective strategies and knows how to execute - a rare combination, in my experience. She is also a highly conscientious leader and a thoughtful mentor. I've had the benefit of working alongside her in many different marketing roles at IDEXX and have learned a great deal from her. Specifically, the ability to take customer/market insights and tell a compelling story to gain consensus has been an invaluable skill that Fotine has helped me develop. Any organization would be lucky to have Fotine as a leader on their team. “

Direct Report

Christina Back

Marketing Operations Manager

“…I had the pleasure of working for Fotine for 2+ years...I reported to her directly in a global team environment. Within few months, she managed to build and form a marketing team from scratch with colleagues of different business and cultural background, enabling the team to define responsibilities, working cross-functional and prioritizing on the multiple requests coming in. Her guidance and ability to mentor provided the support needed to ensure continued success in my role. She has a gift of making people feel confident in what they are doing and always enables people to shine and become visible across the organization. I value very much that she is always asking for feedback on her managing style aiming for constant leadership improvement. I have benefited a lot from her experience and leadership…”

Direct Report

Dominique DeLucia

Senior Marketing Manager

“Fotine is a highly skilled ...people leader. I was fortunate to report to Fotine for 2  years…I routinely leverage one of the skills I learned from Fotine …in developing my team… Fotine taught me how to more strategically prepare for presentations and effectively practice so I could come across as knowledgeable, engaging, calm, and prepared. This is something that Fotine coached me on … and she did so in a way that instilled confidence in me and showed that she cared that I was set up for success...”

Direct Report

Erica Clemons

Regional Marketing Leader

 ”I reported directly to Fotine for 5 years…While I have had the good fortune to consistently work with great leaders…Fotine stands out. She is a highly effective and transparent communicator...She is cognizant of her team member’s strengths and adept at strategically positioning them for success. Along those lines, Fotine invests her time in the professional development of individuals on her team, providing access to education and customized coaching…”

One over One

Delia Guzman

Integrated Marketing Specialist 

"I worked under Fotine as a content developer and editor for four years. During that time, I came to regard Fotine as a great leader who inspires people to do their best work. She promotes engagement and collaboration to produce the best results possible. Her clear communication and strategic thinking kept our team on track and focused, and she created a culture of continuous learning and improvement. No one works harder to create success and results, yet she always takes time to connect with her team as individuals. She's one of the best people I've ever worked for."

Internal Partner

Allyson Brown

Senior Finance Manager

"I had the opportunity to work alongside Fotine for two years as her finance partner. Her tenacious focus on results is matched only by her dedication to coaching and development. No matter how busy things got, Fotine always made it a priority to support her team, whether direct reports or otherwise. She skillfully adapts her communication style to the situation at-hand in order to deliver the right message to the right people.. I appreciated her ability to craft a cohesive message out of seemingly disparate information ...Fotine artfully balances strategic planning with delivering the day-to-day needs of the business. She developed and executed a multi-year plan to build what is now a very high-functioning product and commercial marketing team."

External Partner

Anne Trompeter

Partner, Strategic Account Development

"Fotine is an inspiring person and marketer. She has boundless strategic ideas that are based in data and creative ideation at once. She is a special colleague because you always want to do your best work for her--I believe everyone feels the same way. She is a unique leader and someone people want to follow! She is smart and savvy, but down to earth and just a great human being all around."

External Partner

Jeff Bowen

Vice President of Account Services

"I had the pleasure of working with Fotine in her role as Global Director, Product and Commercial Marketing for IDEXX BioAnalytics. Our agency partnered with Fotine in developing new messaging and a brand look & feel for IDEXX BioAnalytics. As the VP of Account Services for CommCreative, a full service marketing agency, I have interacted with a range of clients, and it was refreshing to be able to support Fotine in her vision for the growth of a powerful division of IDEXX Laboratories. Fotine is an incredibly savvy marketer, with understanding and determination to do what is right for the business. On top of having a great marketing mind, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Always kind, thoughtful, smart - a true partner."

Internal Partner

Tina Turgelsky

Chief People Office

"I had the pleasure of working with Fotine, directly and indirectly, during our many years at IDEXX. I’ve always been impressed with Fotine’s drive, enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to put the needs of her team and the business ahead of her own. She’s a very talented marketer and natural leader who presents herself authentically and with heart, no matter what the circumstances. Fotine is always willing to go out of her way to help others. Those who have Fotine on their team and in their lives are truly fortunate."

Direct Report

Michael Gilliland 

LKAM Manager 

"I was a Sales Trainer on the Commercial Learning and Development team for 2 years and Fotine was my direct manager. I enjoyed working with Fotine. I learned a lot under her leadership and always appreciated the collaborative approach she fostered with her team. Three takeaways during my time working with Fotine. 1. Fotine is strategic. She is continually thinking about how to improve processes, solve problems, prepare for success, etc. 2. Fotine prioritizes the development of her team. 3. Fotine leads from the front. Her work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to "show what good looks like" was inspiring. I give Fotine my highest recommendation."


Casey Etter

Managing Director, Global Education Strategy

"I have had the privilege of working with Fotine in her role as marketing and product professional and can attest to her creativity and strategic thinking. Fotine has developed and executed numerous successful marketing initiatives that have resulted in increased brand awareness and market share. Fotine’s market research and data analysis skills have been valuable asset in developing these campaigns. Fotine can work well with cross-functional teams, ensuring seamless execution of all strategic initiatives. Fotine was instrumental bolstering reoccurring revenue by 20% and doubled customer enrollments through the revitalization of IDEXX’s largest loyalty program., a standout accomplishment that demonstrated her ability to drive results in the marketing field."

Lauren Abrams

Associate Director, Regional Marketing 

”Fotine is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, focused and organized woman I’ve ever known. She’s innovative, strategic and results-driven. There is nothing Fotine can’t do…“

Direct Report

Massimo Foa

Global Product Manager

“Fotine is highly goals-driven and sets the bar high for herself and her team. She has a clear vision for success and works tirelessly to achieve it. Her passion for her work is contagious and inspires those around her to give their best effort.  One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Fotine is the importance of clear communication. She can effectively convey her expectations and provide valuable feedback that helped me improve my performance.  Fotine is also a great team player, she is always willing to help others and is supportive when needed. Her ability to lead by example is unmatched and she sets a great example for the team to follow. “

Internal Partner 

John Adams

Certified SCRUM Master

"Thorough - now there’s probably the best word I can think of to define Fotine. Other words such as clever, smart, witty, creative, fun and professional seem pale when put against the fact that she always has all of her bases covered, tasks on track and executed flawlessly. She ran a very effective team...I learned a tremendous amount about Marketing...I truly understand branding, marketing plans, event planning and execution, customer partnering, sales training, effective messaging and the importance of doing it right the first time with a positive customer experience always in the forefront. With Fotine you will get a true extremely competent marketer, a polished presenter and an extremely valuable asset to any organization."

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