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Parallel Lines

Example Work

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Transforming Existing Brands

Generated 35% growth in stagnant categories by transforming an existing brand and establishing a clear value proposition across business categories.

Bolstered use of existing products by 45% establishing new product development initiatives.

Successfully increased leads, website impressions and LinkedIn followers by 30% by developing innovative digital marketing strategies.

Contemporary Booth and Live Customer Experience

Accelerated YoY revenue by 53%


Increased customer engagement by 40%

Increased booth dwell time by 27% 

IDEXX Booth 1.png

Professional Development Program

50% increase in productivity 

Business Case and Strategy Development

Effective Communication Workshop

Library of Product Marketing Resources & Templates

Transforming events into experiences and mindfully connecting components

Energetic, exciting platform for attendees to learn, grow, and take themselves and the organization to new heights

Theme: Creating growth together - The “red thread” STORYTELLING

600+ attendees, personalized curriculum

“…this is the first time in my career that I actually look forward to going to meetings. Since the Sales Summit I truly feel that my light bulb finally went on and its all coming together…this is thanks to you and your team…I can’t imagine the work you do to keep us all on track and growing…”

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